CADET-Match is a parameter estimation and error modeling library for CADET. CADET-Match is developed at the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences 1 (IBG-1) of Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) under supervision of Dr. Eric von Lieres.


  • Multiple experiments

  • Multiple components

  • Gradient-Free

  • Gradient-Based

  • Composable goals

  • Python 3

  • JSON configuration file

  • Parallel

Ongoing Development

CADET-Match is actively developed and we do our best to prevent breaking changes. For non-developers, it is recommended to upgrade from release to release instead of always working with the most recent commit.


Please report any bugs that you find here. Or, even better, fork the repository on GitHub and create a pull request (PR) with the fix.